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Fig. 4

From: In vivo analysis of the effect of panobinostat on cell-associated HIV RNA and DNA levels and latent HIV infection

Fig. 4

Analysis of cell-associated HIV RNA levels in the tissues of infected, suppressed, panobinostat-treated BLT mice. BLT mice were infected with HIV-1JR-CSF, suppressed by antiretroviral therapy, and treated with panobinostat as described in Fig. 3. Cells were then isolated from peripheral blood, bone marrow, liver, lung, lymph nodes, spleen, and thymic organoid for real-time quantitative PCR analysis of cell-associated HIV RNA levels. a Data from individual tissues. b Data from all tissues. Median and interquartile range plotted with comparisons by Mann–Whitney test: ns p > 0.05. Blue circles denote control; red squares denote panobinostat-treated

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