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Table 1 Neutralization sensitivity of transmitted/founder P08 and P11 pseudoviruses to various bnAbs

From: Spatiotemporal hierarchy in antibody recognition against transmitted HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein during natural infection

Antibody Epitope IC50 (µg/ml)
P08-gp160 P11-gp160
PG9 V1V2 0.690 1.916
PGT121 Glycan-V3 ND ND
PGT128 Glycan-V3 0.011 0.015
PGT135 Glycan-V3 ND ND
2G12 Glycan ND ND
b12 CD4bs ND ND
VRC01 CD4bs 8.306 6.808
Ibalizumab CD4 0.027 0.022
2F5 MPER 0.415 2.17
4E10 MPER 0.571 0.568
10E8 MPER 0.131 0.217
  1. ND not detectable