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Fig. 5

From: Mechanisms of escape from the PGT128 family of anti-HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies

Fig. 5

Importance of V3 loop residues at positions 307, 321, 325, 326 and 330 for neutralization by the donor 36 bnAb family. Mutations shown to confer neutralization sensitivity to the donor 36 virus were introduced alone or in combination into BaL, JR-FL and 92BR020 pseudoviruses and the impact on neutralization determined for PGTs125-131, 95H 71L and PGV04. Data is reported as fold change in IC50 compared to WT (Fold change = IC50 mutant/IC50 WT) and colour coded according to the figure key. IC50 values for each antibody against the wild-type virus is shown for reference (in µg/ml)

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