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Fig. 3

From: Mechanisms of escape from the PGT128 family of anti-HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies

Fig. 3

PGT128 and PGT130 show different dependencies on V3 loop N-linked glycosylation sites. Neutralization of donor 36 viruses with an N334 glycan site by bnAbs a PGT128 and b PGT130. Neutralization of donor 36 viruses with an N332 or N334 glycan site by Abs c 95H 71L (less mutated variant of PGT128, 12 % mutated in VH and VL) and d 74H 3L (less mutated variant of PGT130, 13 % mutated in VH and VL). Importance of N301 glycan in the donor 36 virus for neutralization by bnAbs e PGT128 and f PGT130. The Asn at position N301 was mutated to alanine in the 3AA N332, 3AA N295 N332, 3AA N295 N334, 7AA N295 N332 and 7AA N295 N334 variant viruses using site-directed mutagenesis and impact on neutralization measured. The N301A variants are shown with the dotted line

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