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Fig. 4 | Retrovirology

Fig. 4

From: HIV-1 latency and virus production from unintegrated genomes following direct infection of resting CD4 T cells

Fig. 4

Distribution of integrated and unintegrated HIV-1 DNA after infection resting CD4 T cells and following latency reversal. Data are representative of 5 experiments (see Additional file 1: Table S1 for all experiments). Mean of triplicate PCR and SD are shown. ND none detected. a At Day 14 p.i., eFluorhi cells from No RAL cultures were sorted based on 4 levels of GFP fluorescence (blue boxes indicate sorting gates). b Sorted cells were analyzed by qPCR for total HIV-1 DNA, 2-LTR circles and integrated proviruses. c GFP-negative cells were sorted, then stimulated with Pro/TSA for 1 day, and then sorted a second time based on GFP expression. d Sorted cells were analyzed for viral DNA as in b. eh The procedures of ae were performed on raltegravir treated cells

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