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Fig. 7 | Retrovirology

Fig. 7

From: Increased susceptibility of CD4+ T cells from elderly individuals to HIV-1 infection and apoptosis is associated with reduced CD4 and enhanced CXCR4 and FAS surface expression levels

Fig. 7

HIV-1 causes higher levels of FAS-dependent apoptosis in T cells from older than from younger individuals. a Representative primary data (left) and b statistical evaluation (right) comparing expression levels of FAS on unstimulated and CD3/CD28 bead stimulated CD4+ T cells from young (Y, blue) and old (O, red) donors. c, d Correlation analysis of FAS expression levels on unstimulated CD4+ T cells and apoptosis rates in the GFP+ and GFP− populations of PBMC cultures infected with c X4 or d R5 HIV-1 NL4-3 IRES-eGFP constructs. eh Expression levels of e FAS ligand, f PD1, g PD1 ligand and h TRAIL on unstimulated or CD3/CD28 bead stimulated CD4+ T cells from young and elderly donors

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