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Fig. 1

From: Increased susceptibility of CD4+ T cells from elderly individuals to HIV-1 infection and apoptosis is associated with reduced CD4 and enhanced CXCR4 and FAS surface expression levels

Fig. 1

Differences in CD4+ T cell subsets between young and elderly individuals. a (left) Gating strategy for flow cytometry analysis and representative primary data to determine the percentages of naïve (TN), effector memory (TEM) and central memory (TCM) cells within the CD4+ T cell population from young (Y, n = 14) and elderly (O, n = 16) healthy blood donors. (right) Comparison of percentages of CD4+ naïve, effector and central memory T cells from young and old donors. b (left) Representative primary data and (right) statistical evaluations of the percentage of Th17, Tfh and Treg cells within the CD4+ T cell population. PBMCs isolated by lymphocyte separation medium were kept in supplemented RPMI without further stimulation and analyzed by FACS after overnight incubation. Grey lines in this and in other figures represent isotype controls

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