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Fig. 7

From: Temporal transcriptional response to latency reversing agents identifies specific factors regulating HIV-1 viral transcriptional switch

Fig. 7

Time dependent inhibition of cellular signaling pathways in J-Lat cells. J-Lat FL10.6 (ad) and J-Lat TGA1 (eh) cells were activated with SAHA (1 µM), prostratin (2 µM) or TNF-α (0.1 ng/ml) or PHA-M (5 μg/ml) and specific inhibitors targeting STAT, ERK1/2, PKC, NF-κB and JNK were included at multiple time points, either 4 h prior to activation (white bars) or at every 2 h intervals till 8 h post activation (2 h: bars with diagonal downward lines; 4 h: bars with diagonal crossing lines; 6h: bars with white and black checkered pattern; 8 h: black bars). HIV reactivation was estimated at 18 h following reactivation, by evaluating for GFP positive cells by flow cytometry. For comparison of results across samples from multiple experiments, HIV-1 reactivation observed in vehicle control (DMSO) pretreatment was considered as 100 % and the background (no reactivating agent) as 0 %. Error bars represent standard deviation (N = 3)

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