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Table 1 Haplotype of tissues/CD34 stem cells used for the construction of the BLT humanized mice used

From: In vivo analysis of Nef’s role in HIV-1 replication, systemic T cell activation and CD4+ T cell loss

Cohort 1 A23:01 A30:01 B42:01 B53:01 C08:01 C17:01 JRCSF 3, 4; JRCSFNefdd 4, 5
Cohort 2 A02:01 A02:01 B35:17 B52:01 C03:03 C04:04 JRCSF 2; JRCSFNefdd 3
Cohort 3 A02:01 A03:01 B35:01 B44:02 C04:01 C05:01 JRCSF 1
Cohort 4 A11:01 A24:02 B35:01 B35:24 C04:01 C04:01 JRCSF 5, 6; JRCSFNefdd 6
Cohort 5 A02:06 A34:01 B39:05 B40:02 C07:02 C15:02 JRCSFNefdd 2
Cohort 6 ND JRCSFNefdd 1
  1. Multiple BLT mice constructed from the same human tissue are designated by a cohort number. The lower level of PB JRCSFNefdd viral RNA compared to JRCSF viral RNA in Cohort 1, but none of the others, led us to have the MHCI haplotypes determined. A02:06 in Cohort 5 is in italics because it appears to be a previously undocumented A2 variant (similar to A*02:06). There is a nucleotide substitution in exon 3 that is not present in the HLA database. As it is located in exon 3 and encodes a non-synonymous substitution (Histidine > Leucine at codon 114), it may impact peptide binding.