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Fig. 6

From: Orthologous endogenous retroviruses exhibit directional selection since the chimp-human split

Fig. 6

Divergence of six long alignments containing “highly active” HERV-H loci. The divergence of RM+ (selfish DNA) including HERV-H sequence (PV) is plotted (blue line) against alignment coordinates using a sliding window of the same length as the HERV-H in each alignment. The grey horizontal line represents the mean divergence of RM+ across the alignment. The magenta horizontal line is a reference line indicating the divergence of the window centred on the HERV-H (i.e. the divergence of PV); the associated percentage gives the percentage of windows for which divergence is at least as great as the divergence of the HERV-H. Inner vertical dashed lines mark a window centred on the HERV-H. Outer vertical dotted lines mark a region of length 40 kb that is centred on the HERV-H. RefSeq gene annotations appear in black

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