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Figure 3

From: Identification and characterization of diverse groups of endogenous retroviruses in felids

Figure 3

Phylogenetic tree showing the diversity of felid gammaretroviruses. A maximum likelihood tree was based on deduced amino acids of Pro-Pol fragments (Dataset 3; 198 codons). Bootstrap values > 70% are shown next to respective branches. The WGS sequences from Panthera tigris altaica [GenBank: ATCQ01000000], Felis catus [GenBank: AANG00000000] (Abyssinian breed) and [GenBank: ACBE00000000] (mixed breed) are indicated. Puma concolor (sequences starting with Pco), P. yagouaroundi (Py), L. geoffroyi (Lg), L. colocolo (Lco), L. guttulus (Lgu), L. pardalis (LP), L. wiedii (Lwi) and P. onca (OC) are also depicted. Roman numbers I to XI represent distinct Gamma-like retroviral lineages characterized in this study (marked in red). Asterisks indicate sequences mentioned in Table 2. The scale bar at the bottom of the Figure represents distance in amino acid substitutions per site. Sequences retrieved from GenBank are listed in Additional file 1: Table S1. ERVs termed Gamma1-9 by Song et al. [14] are indicated with the # symbol.

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