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Figure 3 | Retrovirology

Figure 3

From: Intasome architecture and chromatin density modulate retroviral integration into nucleosome

Figure 3

Localization of the HIV-1, PFV, MLV and ASV integration sites in both regions of the naked or chromatinized acceptor DNA. Fifty PFV, HIV-1, ASV and MLV integrants carrying the correct target DNA duplications (respectively 4, 5, 6 and 4 bp) were selected from the concerted integration shown in Figure 2 using p5S vector, either under the naked structure or chromatinized with a DNA/histones ratio of 1/1.3. The positions of the different integration events were identified and shown in region 1 or region 2. The values are plotted as the number of ampicillin-, kanamycin- and tetracycline-resistant selected clones as a percentage of integration reaction control performed with naked vectors and as the mean ± standard deviation (error bars) of at least three independent sets of experiments. The number of selected clones is also shown at the top of the histogram. A Student test was performed on serial values and the significant p values are reported in the figure.

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