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Table 1 T/F, acute, late stage non-mac-tropic and late stage mac-tropic R5 Envs

From: HIV-1 non-macrophage-tropic R5 envelope glycoproteins are not more tropic for entry into primary CD4+ T-cells than envelopes highly adapted for macrophages

Patient Clade Non-mac-tropic Mac-tropic Reference
  Env Origin Full ID Env Origin Full ID
AIDS patients         
NA20 B LN8 LN1   B59 FL2   [3]
      B501 FL   
NA420 B LN40 LN   B33 FL   [3]
P1114 B 98-27 Plasma   98-15 Plasma   [3]
P7766 B SP1 Spleen SP13-33-41 FL2 FL FL19-56-66 [23]
P10017 B SP2 Spleen SP10-9-65 FL1 FL FL9-1-2 [23]
P6568 B SP1 Spleen SP6-11-9 FL1 FL FL11-1-249 [23]
CA110 B SP2 Spleen SP53-23-131 OC1 OL4 OC58-11-57 [23]
   SP3 SP4 Spleen Spleen SP53-6-122 SP52-16-50 SP1 Spleen SP52-13-34  
3 T B 3 T Plasma p1054.TC4.1499     [60]
6 T B 6 T Plasma p63358.p3.4013     [60]
15 T B 15 T Plasma p700010040.C9.4520     [60]
19 T B 19 T Plasma pPRB958_06.TB1.4305     [60]
Acute Stage         
R463F A1 R463F Plasma R463FPL16MAR07EnvE44     [62]
R880F A1 R880F Plasma R880FPL12JAN07EnvA6     [63]
Z185F C Z185F Blood Z185FPB24AUG02ENV3.1     [63,64]
Z205F C Z205F Blood Z205FPB27MAR03ENV1.1     [63,64]
R66M A/C R66M Plasma R66MPL7MAR06.3A9Env     [63]
Z1792M C Z1792M Plasma Z1792MPL18DEC07.3G7Env2     [63]
Z201M C Z201M Plasma Z201MPL7FEB03ENV2.1     [13]
Z221M C Z221M Plasma Z221MPL7MAR03ENV2.1     [13]
Z153M C Z153M Plasma Z153MPL13MAR02ENV5.1     [13]
  1. We selected pairs of highly mac-tropic and non-mac-tropic R5 Envs from 8 subtype B infected AIDS patients (including JR-FL and JR-CSF) for study. For subject NA20, we included 2 highly mac-tropic Envs. For CA110, we included two highly mac-tropic Envs and two non-mac-tropic spleen Envs. Except for JR-FL and JR-CSF, all Envs had been PCR amplified directly from patient tissues. We also included 13 diverse R5 Envs previously reported as T/F or isolated from the acute stage of infection. In this group, we included Envs from different subtypes. 1. Lymph node; 2. Frontal lobe; 3. Cerebral spinal fluid; 4. Occipital lobe.