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Figure 5 | Retrovirology

Figure 5

From: Potent restriction of HIV-1 and SIVmac239 Replication by African Green Monkey TRIM5α

Figure 5

Ectopic expression of TRIM5α in Clone 4 and E11S cells, virion production, and infection assays. (A). NIr immunoblot of cell lysate samples, with TRIM5α signal in red and actin in green are presented. Samples are identified above their respective lanes. Molecular mass standard sizes are displayed at left and band identities at right. (B). Graph of fluorescent immunoblot signal intensities in the NIr blot relative to those in the untransduced Clone 4 or E11S cells are presented with the amount of endogenous, human TRIM5α-colored blue, xenogeneic TRIM5α colored yellow, and co-migrating TRIM5α proteins colored green. (C). Graph of relative virus release (virus in supernatant/virus in cells and supernatant at 6 h) is presented. (D). A graph of relative virus-specific infectivity (virus infectivity after a 6-h collection period normalized by CA signal). Graphs shown in (C) and (D) represent averages of three independent experiments, and error bars indicate standard deviation.

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