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Table 1 Comparison of age of loci among catarrhine genomes

From: The decline of human endogenous retroviruses: extinction and survival

Species Number of young loci a (0–6.6my) Number of old loci b (6.6–31.6my) Ratio of young to old loci
Human 40 568 0.070
Bonobo 62 589 0.105
Chimpanzee 50 362 0.138
Gorilla 26 197 0.132
Orangutan 13 200 0.065
Gibbon 13 156 0.083
Macaque 76 145 0.524
Baboonc 171 633 0.270
  1. aLoci estimated to have integrated since the human-chimp divergence, 6.6mya. Age of locus calculated using our paired LTR method with a substitution rate of 1.0x10−9 substitutions per nucleotide per year and a Jukes-Cantor correction for multiple hits.
  2. bLoci estimated to have integrated between the human-chimp and the human-macaque divergence, 31.6mya.
  3. cWe could not find the LTRs of most loci in the poorly assembled baboon genome and therefore dated loci using our approximate nearest neighbor method.