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Figure 3

From: The HIV-1 Antisense Protein (ASP) induces CD8 T cell responses during chronic infection

Figure 3

The HIV-1 ASP-YL9 peptide activates CD8 + T cell responses. Intracellular cytokine staining (ICS) was used to analyze CD8+ T cell responses to ASP-YL9 in 11 HLA-A*02+ patients (Pats.32 to 42) and one HLA-A*02- patient (Pat.95). (A) Flow cytometry analysis from Pat.34, illustrating MIP1-β versus IL-2/TNFα/IFN-γ production by CD8+ cells after HCV- (negative control, NC), HIV ASP-YL9 or HIV Gag-SL9 stimulation. (B) Frequencies of CD8+ cells producing at least one of the analyzed cytokine/chemokine. Pats. 34 and 42 were activated upon ASP-YL9 stimulation. (C) For these two patients, percentages of Gag-SL9 (blue) or ASP-YL9 (red) stimulated CD8+ cells, producing either only MIP1-β (white), only IL-2/TNFα/IFN-γ (grey), or both chemokines/cytokines panels (black) were analyzed. NC background was subtracted and average percentages (±SD) from Pats.34 and 42 analysis are presented. (D) Pies indicate relative proportions of Gag-SL9 or ASP-YL9 activated CD8+ T cells producing each panel of cytokines/chemokines (presented in C).

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