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Figure 2

From: The mechanism of H171T resistance reveals the importance of Nδ-protonated His171 for the binding of allosteric inhibitor BI-D to HIV-1 integrase

Figure 2

Concentration dependent effects of BI-D on viral core morphology for HIV-1 NL4-3 and HIV-1 NL4-3(H171T IN) . (A) Representative images of mature, eccentric and immature virion morphologies as visualized by electron microscopy. (B) Quantitation of counted virions (100 for WT or H171T per experiment). Virions were produced in the presence of DMSO, 0.18 μM BI-D or 12.2 μM BI-D as indicated. Graphed are averages and standard deviation for n = 2 independent experiments.

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