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Figure 3

From: HIV-1 pathogenicity and virion production are dependent on the metabolic phenotype of activated CD4+ T cells

Figure 3

Cell proliferation of HIV-1 infected and uninfected T cells in DMEM with galactose or glucose. A. Cell proliferation of T cells as determined by CFSE dilution. Primary CD4+ T cells (donor 3) or T cells lines were stained with CFSE and cultured for 4 days in DMEM with 1 g/L of either galactose, glucose or a combination of both. At day 1 and day 4 cells were harvested and analysed by flow cytometry. B. Proliferation of primary CD4+ T cells, Jurkat and CEM-ss cells infected with HIV-1 NL4.3 (HIV-1) or non-infectious Env-deleted HIV-1 NL4.3 (Δ Env) in DMEM containing 1 g/L galactose or glucose. Data for HIV-1 infected cells represent the population of cells that were gated to contain p24Gag-expressing cells only.

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