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Figure 4

From: Host and viral determinants for MxB restriction of HIV-1 infection

Figure 4

WT and D64N/D116N IN mutant DNA metabolism in control and MxB-expressing cells. (A) Levels of WT and D64N/D116N infectivities in control (dark grey) and MxB-expressing (light grey) HOS cells normalized for input RT cpm; the level of WT HIV-1 infection in control cells was set to 100% (left panel). Right panel, re-plot to highlight levels of WT and D64N/D116N IN mutant restriction by MxB. (B) Upper panel, WT and D64N/D116N (NN) late reverse transcription (LRT) products in control and MxB-expressing cells. WT and NN curves are black and red, respectively. Dashed lines, values from MxB-expressing cells. Lower panel, integration as assessed by Alu-R qPCR. (C) Levels of 2-LTR circles using conventional qPCR conditions. (D and E) Levels of 2-LTR circles using Jxn2 and Jxn1 qPCR conditions, respectively. The 4-member graphs to the left are split into two panels on the right in panels C-E to highlight the responses of WT (black lines) and NN mutant (red lines) viruses to MxB restriction (dashed lines). Results are an average of 2 independent experiments, with error bars denoting standard deviation (downward bars omitted to ease interpretation of coincident time points).

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