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Figure 2

From: Endogenous lentivirus in Malayan colugo (Galeopterus variegatus), a close relative of primates

Figure 2

Genome organization of ELVgv. The consensus sequence of ELVgv is shown schematically below the scale. The position of open reading frames and other genomic features is indicated. The structure of the three complete proviruses recovered from the whole genome shotgun (WGS) contigs is shown below; their accession numbers are [GenBank:JMZW01084956], [Genbank:JMZW01174031], and [Genbank:JMZW01021293]. For each contig, the length of the provirus and its corresponding target site duplication is shown. Deletions and insertions >3 bp are depicted by open and closed triangles, respectively, together with their length. The four longest deletions are indicated by thin dashed line. Insertions of retroelements were detected by Censor [11] and are depicted by large open arrows, drawn not to scale. ENV coding regions were characterized with the help of specialized prediction servers [12]-[14]. LTR, long terminal repeat; MA, matrix; CA, capsid; NC, nucleocapsid; PR, protease; RT, reverse transcriptase; RH, RNaseH; dUTP, dUTPase; IN, integrase; PBS, primer binding site; f.h., frameshift hairpin; PPT, polypurine tract; SINE, short interspersed nuclear element; LINE, long interspersed nuclear element; dupl., duplication.

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