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Figure 5

From: Cell-type specific requirements for thiol/disulfide exchange during HIV-1 entry and infection

Figure 5

Cell-Type Specific Requirements for Thioredoxin and/or PDI in HIV-1 Infection in Primary Human Cells. PHA stimulated PBL were pre-incubated for 1 h with relevant mAbs (50 μg/ml) and then infected for 2.5 h with HIV-1JR-FL Env pseudotyped, Luc reporter gene encoding virus particles in the continued presence of the mAbs. After infection, the cells were washed and further incubated for 48 h in RPMI supplemented with 10% FCS and L-Glutamine prior to lysis (0.5% Triton-X100 in PBS) and Luc activity was then measured. MDM were treated and infected in an identical manner, using DMEM medium. The amount of HIV-1 Env pseudotyped virus particles was adjusted according to the number of cells subjected to infection. Primary human MDM or PBLs from four different donors were prepared and tested as described in Methods. The RLU established for the anti-PDI or anti-Trx mAbs treated cells were calculated as a percent of the mean Luc activity of cells pre-incubated and infected in the presence of nonspecific mouse IgG. The means of the four established values from each donor for the anti-PDI or anti-Trx mAbs treated PBL and MDM are presented in the left and right panel of Figure 5, respectively.

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