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Table 1 The mutations disrupting expression of putative glyco-gag proteins in XMRV

From: Moloney murine leukemia virus glyco-gag facilitates xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus replication through human APOBEC3-independent mechanisms

Constructs mutation XMRV p53 XMRV p58
pVP62 (WT) None + +
pVP62Δgg0 _ to A (nt 372) - -
pVP62Δgg1 C to AT (nt 382) - -
pVP62Δgg2 T to C (nt 370) + -
pVP62Δgg3 T to C (nt 341) - +
pVP62Δgg4 T to G (nt 354) - +
  1. The mutations to disrupt expression of putative glyco-gag proteins, p53 and p58, in the leader sequence region of XMRV VP62 are shown. Reference for original sequence is EF185282.