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Table 7 Pathological observations at time of euthanasia

From: Prolonged tenofovir treatment of macaques infected with K65R reverse transcriptase mutants of SIV results in the development of antiviral immune responses that control virus replication after drug withdrawal

Animal number Most significant findings
29276 Chronic interstitial nephritis with tubular atrophy
Hypophosphatemic osteomalacia
Mild generalized lymphoid hyperplasia
30577 Lymphofollicular hyperplasia, mild (inguinal, axillary, tracheobronchial, and mesenteric lymph nodes; MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) of cecum and stomach) to moderate (tonsil, spleen, ileocecocolic lymph nodes).
32186 Kidney: polycystic chronic interstitial nephritis with tubular atrophy
Lymph nodes: mild paracortical hyperplasia and mild loss of germinal centers
33088 Mild multifocal hepatitis, mild colitis, mild tracheitis
33091 Heart: valvular vegetative endocarditis
  Bone marrow and ileum: moderate multifocal lymphoid hyperplasia
  Lymph nodes: mild to moderate paracortical hyperplasia with indistinct germinal centers
  Spleen: mild lymphoid depletion