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Figure 2 | Retrovirology

Figure 2

From: Phosphatase PPM1A negatively regulates P-TEFb function in resting CD4+ T cells and inhibits HIV-1 gene expression

Figure 2

PPM1A dephosphorylates CDK9, but not CDK8 in an artificial CDK tethering system. Triplicate HeLa cell cultures were transfected with pSLIIB-CAT reporter plasmid and expression plasmids for different effector proteins: CDK9-Rev, CDK8-Rev, PPM1A-WT, PPMIA-MT, Tat-Rev, and Rev as indicated. Cell extracts were prepared at 48 hours post-transfection and CAT activity was measured and normalized to total protein in extracts. (**denotes p value of < 0.005 in a paired t-test.).

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