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Figure 7 | Retrovirology

Figure 7

From: A mutant retroviral receptor restricts virus superinfection interference and productive infection

Figure 7

Gag accumulates at the contact site of GALV producing cells and recipient cells. GALV infected 293T cells were transfected with the YFP labeled gag (Gag-YFP) expressing construct and, 16 hours post transfection, used as donor cells and co-cultured with recipient, MDTFPiT1-HA cells (A) or MDTFPiT2K522E-HA cells (B) labeled with CMAC (blue). After being co-cultured for 6 hours, the cells were examined for virological synapse formation (yellow arrows) by confocal microscopy. The Gag-YFP proteins (green) are recruited to the donor and recipient contract site and used for viral assembly so that the GALV particles containing YFP labeled gag (green) are produced and delivered to recipient cells.

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