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Figure 2

From: A novel role for APOBEC3: Susceptibility to sexual transmission of murine acquired immunodeficiency virus (mAIDS) is aggravated in APOBEC3 deficient mice

Figure 2

Mice deficient in APOBEC3 gene are more susceptible to acute LP-BM5 virus infection. Age and weight-matched WT and mA3-/- mice on C57BL/6 background (n = 5) were inoculated with LP-BM5 virus subcutaneously (SubQ) on the right hind footpad or via intraperitoneal (IP) route (A). Mice were sacrificed at different time frames as shown on the figures. At necropsy, lymph nodes were collected from SubQ infected mice, while spleens and testes were obtained from IP infected mice. DNA was isolated from the different tissues and subjected to quantitative PCR (qPCR) to determine level of LP-BM5 infection in lymph nodes (B) spleen (C), or Testes (D). All qPCR data were normalized to GAPDH and presented as relative levels. Error bars are standard error; * is significance with p value equal or less than 0.05; and ** is significance with p value equal or less than 0.01. Experiments were repeated five different times with similar results.

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