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Figure 10 | Retrovirology

Figure 10

From: Vpx is Critical for SIVmne infection of pigtail macaques

Figure 10

In situ hybridization results of mesenteric node from a SIV infected pigtail macaque. A) Mesenteric lymph node from a macaque 21 days after infection with wild type SIVmne contains SIV viral RNA expressing cells (dark blue). Magnification, 20×. B) Confocal microscopy (3 channel overlay) from a day 21 mesenteric lymph node from a wild type SIVmne infected macaque: ISH for SIV viral RNA was performed with a fluorescent tyramide signal amplification technique (green) and was combined with fluorescent IHC detection of HAM56-positive macrophages (blue) and CD3 positive lymphocytes (red). Magnification, 63×

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