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Figure 4

From: Modulation of HIV-1 Gag NC/p1 cleavage efficiency affects protease inhibitor resistance and viral replicative capacity

Figure 4

Quantitative Western blot analysis of NC/p1 mutants using a MA antiserum. Wild-type HXB2 and NC/p1 mutant clones used to transfect 293 T cells in the absence and presence of different concentrations of RO033-4649. Particle lysates were analyzed by quantitative Western blotting using a MA antiserum. Quantification of the MA-reactive signals and the original Western blots are presented in (A&B) for HXB2437T, in (C&D) for HXB2436E+437T+438R and in (E&F) for HXB2435R+436E+437T.

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