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Figure 6

From: Wip1 and p53 contribute to HTLV-1 Tax-induced tumorigenesis

Figure 6

Confocal analyses of p53, Wip1 and Tax in MEF cells. (A) Analysis of cell endogenous Wip1 and Tax expression and localization by immunofluorescence staining in MEF cells transfected with a Tax expression plasmid for 48 hours. Cells were stained with anti-Tax (red) and anti-Wip1 (green) antibodies. The nuclei were stained with DAPI (blue). Arrows point to cell that expresses Tax (red) and a neighboring cell that does not express Tax. The same two cells are shown to express equal intensities of Wip1 (green). DAPI (blue) stains cellular nuclei. (B) The colocalization of cell endogenous p53 and Wip1 in MEF cells. Cells were stained with anti-p53 (red) or anti-Wip1 (green) antibodies, and DAPI was used to stain nuclei (blue).

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