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Figure 4

From: Wip1 and p53 contribute to HTLV-1 Tax-induced tumorigenesis

Figure 4

Statistically significant increase in tumor free survival in Tax+Wip1−/−mice compared to Tax+Wip1+/+mice. (A) Genotyping of Wip1/Tax Tg mice. The primers for Wip1 distinguish WT and mutant Wip1 alleles with PCR products of 274 and 500 bp, respectively. The GAPDH gene serves as an internal PCR control (220 bp). (B) Tumor-free survival curves show increased tumor free survival of Tax+Wip1−/− and Tax+Wip1+/− mice compared to Tax+Wip1+/+ animals. Statistically significant (*=p=0.0396 ; **=0.0319) differences between Tax+Wip1−/− or Tax+Wip1+/− and Tax+Wip1+/+ mice were determined using Gehan-Breslow-Wilcoxon test.

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