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Table 1 Data used for analysis of endogenous retroviruses

From: HERV-H RNA is abundant in human embryonic stem cells and a precise marker for pluripotency

Data type GEO accession number Factor Cell type or tissue Reference
ChIPSeq, GSE16256 H3K4me3, H3K27me3 H1, H9, I3, iPS, IMR90 [20]
ChIPSeq, GSE22499 H3K4me3 BG01/03, WIBR1/2/7, hiPSA6/C1, Fibroblast [21]
ChIPSeq, GSE15353 H3K4me3 HeLa w/o IFN [22]
ChIPSeq, GSE19465 H3K4me3 hiPS-11a/18c/15b/20b, duodenum mucosa, BM-MSC,smooth muscle, adult liver, fetal lung, fetal brain, CD34, CD3, CD15, CD19, Pancreatic Islets [23]
ChIPSeq, GSE20650 NANOG,OCT4, KLF4 H1 [24]
ChIPSeq, GSE18292 SOX2 H1 [25]
RNASeq, GSE23316   H1, HeLa, K562 UCSC ENCODE Project
RNASeq, GSE20301   H1, differentiated H1 [26]
ChIPSeq, GSE22075 Mouse H3K4me3 ES, LSK cells [27]
ChIPSeq, GSE12241 Mouse H3K4me3 ES, MEF [28]