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Figure 5

From: A bivalent recombinant protein inactivates HIV-1 by targeting the gp41 prehairpin fusion intermediate induced by CD4 D1D2 domains

Figure 5

2DLT-mediated rapid decay of the CD4-induced gp41 PFI and lack of D1D2-induced enhancement of HIV-1 infection in CD4-/CCR5+cells. A) Decay of the gp41 PFI at 25°C (a) and 4°C (b) after pulse activation with D1D2 (2.5 μM), 2DLT (2.5 μM) or T1144 (2.5 μM) was measured by a cell-based ELISA, as described in the Methods. B) The infectivity of HIV-1 Bal (100 TCID50/well) in Cf2Th-CCR5 (CD4-/CCR5+) cells in the presence of D1D2, 2DLT or T1144 was determined by ELISA for p24 antigen production as described in the Materials and Methods.

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