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Table 1 Optimised parameters from the mathematical model describing the proportion of MDTF cells expressing EYFP that also expressed EGFP

From: Binding of more than one Tva800 molecule is required for ASLV-A entry

System Number of receptors needed for viral entry
Model error
Efficiency of delivery vector
Number of receptors produced for each TVA integration r Receptor efficiency q Relative rate at which bound viruses acquire more receptors γ
Tva950 1 0.0258 1 1.579 0.198 n/a
Tva800 1 0.106 0.25 0.921 1 n/a
Tva800 1 0.176 1* 0.925 0.300 n/a
Tva800 2 0.120 1 0.979 0.992 9.837
Tva800 3 0.165 1 0.990 1 159.3
  1. In each case the number of receptors needed for viral entry was fixed, while other parameters were optimised to maximise the fit to the experimental data. A calculation for Tva800 with one receptor needed for viral entry was rerun, with the efficiency of the delivery vector fixed to match that obtained for Tva950. The error D gives the RMSD difference between the model and the experimental data in each case. Efficiencies are expressed as probabilities, such that an efficiency of 1 is equivalent to 100%.
  2. *parameter fixed, not optimised