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Figure 1

From: A whole genome screen for HIV restriction factors

Figure 1

siRNA screen setup. 1A Screen strategy and results. 1B Infectious units/μl of HIV8.2N and HIV89.6R virus stocks following challenge on HeLa-CD4 and NP2-CD4-CXCR4 cells. Results are mean ± SD of a representative experiment performed in triplicate. 1C GFP+ foci following virus challenge of HeLa-CD4 cells of HIV89.6R and HIV8.2N. Green, virus; red, cells. 1D siRNA knockdown of AP2M1 and PAF1 rescues infection of HeLa-CD4 cells by HIV89.6R compared with a negative control siRNA (CB). HIV8.2N is the non-restricted positive control. % infection: AP2M1 3.57%, PAF1 0.65%, CB 0.0004%. Green, virus; red, cells.

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