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Table 1 Effect of the VpuS52/56A mutant, β-TrCP1ΔF expression, or β-TrCP depletion by RNA interference on CD4 and CD317 surface levels, CD317 degradation and HIV-1 release enhancement by Vpu

From: β-TrCP is dispensable for Vpu's ability to overcome the CD317/Tetherin-imposed restriction to HIV-1 release

  CD4 CD317 HIV-1 Release
  Downregulationa Downregulationa Degradationb Enhancementc
Vpu + + + +
VpuS52/56A - - - -
Vpu + β-TrCP1 wt + + + +
Vpu + β-TrCP1ΔFbox - - - -
Vpu + β-TrCP1 KDd + + + +
Vpu + β-TrCP2 KDd - + - +
Vpu + β-TrCP1/2 KDd - + n.a. +
  1. aVpu-mediated downregulation of CD4 and CD317 from the surface of HIV-1-infected or transfected cells was quantified by flow cytometry (Figures. 1E-G; 2C, D; 4C; 8D)
  2. bVpu-mediated depletion of CD317 in HIV-1-infected or transfected cells was analyzed by quantitative immunoblotting (Figures. 1B; 2B) and/or immunofluorescence microscopy (Figures. 1C, D; 2E-F; 3A, B; 5B, C; 8B, C)
  3. cThe ability of Vpu to overcome the CD317-mediated HIV-1 release restriction was analyzed by quantification of infectious virus in culture supernatants (Figures. 1A; 2A; 3A, 5A; 8A)
  4. dKD: siRNA-mediated knockdown (verified by RT-PCR)
  5. n.a.: not analyzed