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Table 1 Suppressive effect of the A120 mAb on various clades of HIV-1 strains.

From: Identification of an unique CXCR4 epitope whose ligation inhibits infection by both CXCR4 and CCR5 tropic human immunodeficiency type-I viruses

Member HIV-1 Subtype Isolate Country of Origin Syncytium Co-receptor Usage Percent inhibition of p24 production
PRD320-01 A UG275 Uganda NSI CCR5 88.3%
PRD320-02 A I-2496 Ghana NSI CCR5 99.8%
PRD320-03 CRF02_AG DJ263 Djibouti NSI CCR5 94.7%
PRD320-04 CRF02_AG POC44951 Liberia NSI CCR5 99.7%
PRD320-06 B BZ167 Brazil SI CXCR4 97.2%
PRD3200-7 C DJ259 Djibouti NSI CCR5 91.5%
PRD320-08 C ZAM18 Zambia NSI CCR5 93.7%
PRD320-09 D SE365 Senegal SI CXCR4 98.5%
PRD320-10 D UG270 Uganda SI CXCR4 99.7%
PRD320-11 CRF01_AE ID17 Indonesia NSI CCR5 81.0%
PRD320-12 CRF01_AE NP03 Thailand SI CXCR4 94.5%
PRD320-14 F BCI-R07 Romania SI CXCR4/CCR5 99.4%
PRD320-15 G BCF-DIOUM Zaire NSI CCR5 99.9%
PRD320-16 G HH8793 Kenya NSI CCR5 83.3%
PRD320-17 H BCF-KITA Zaire NSI CCR5 92.5%
PRD320-18 O BCF06 Cameroon SI CXCR4/CCR5 98.3%
PRD320-19 O I-2478B US NSI CCR5 65.6%
  1. Anti-CD3/CD28 activated PBMCs were infected with each of 15 different HIV-1 strains belonging to various clades and with previously defined different CXCR4 and CCR5 usages. HIV-1 dose of 10 ng p24 value was added to 1 × 106 cells for infection. After washing, PBMCs were aliquoted and cultured in triplicate in the presence of 10 μg/ml of the A120 mAb or isotype control IgG for 5 days. Virus production was determined by quantitation of p24 in the culture supernatants by ELISA and the mean values calculated. Percent inhibition was calculated relative to the values obtained with the isotype control mAb alone. Representative data from three independent experiments are shown.