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Figure 2

From: A nuclear export signal within the structural Gag protein is required for prototype foamy virus replication

Figure 2

Identification of a functional NES in PFV Gag. (A) Sequence alignment of a N-terminal region within Gag protein of primate foamy viruses. (B) Subcellular localization of GFP-Gag 95-112 and derived G110V mutant in Hela cells in the presence or the absence of LMB (40nM). GFP-RevNES and GFP alone were used respectively as positive and negative controls. Representative fluorescence images of the vast majority of cells expressing the indicated fusion proteins are shown by confocal microscopy. (C) Amino acid(s) important for Gag nuclear export. Point mutations or deletion were generated in the context of full length Gag and the resulting mutants were tested for sub-cellular localization after 24 h transfection using rabbit polyclonal anti-PFV antibodies. Results concerning Gag-RevNES localization were included. The numbers shown are the means of three independent experiments by counting 200 cells each (N: nuclear, NC: nucleocytoplasmic, C: cytoplasmic localization).

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