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Figure 1

From: SIV antigen immunization induces transient antigen-specific T cell responses and selectively activates viral replication in draining lymph nodes in retroviral suppressed rhesus macaques

Figure 1

Experimental protocol for infection and immunization of rhesus macaques. Mamu A*01 rhesus macaques naturally infected with RhCMV were intravenously inoculated with SIVmac251 followed by ART treatment (DT4 and PMPA) from days 119 post infection through the end of experiment. On days 286 or 290 post infection, monkeys received immunizations with SIV gag encoding DNA i.m. (2 mg per injection), in the left arm and left leg, and immunizations with RhCMV pp65 encoding DNA i.m. (2 mg per injection) in the right arm and leg. LNs biopsies draining either SIV gag or RhCMV pp65 immunization sites from the same animal at the same time were obtained on Day 3 for FH40, Day 5 for DD05, Day 7 for CT64, Day 9 for FH40, Day 11 for DD05, and Day 14 for CT64. LN biopsies from both sides were also collected from all animals on Day 60 post immunization. PBMCs were collected pre-immunization and every 2-3 weeks post immunization.

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