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Figure 3

From: Genotypic prediction of HIV-1 subtype D tropism

Figure 3

Neighbour-joining phylogenetic tree of HIV-1 subtype D V3 sequences from 26 patients and 72 sequences from GenBank. Patients are identified with the same number than in Figure 1 and the GenBank sequences are identified with the country (two letters code) and the accession number. The corresponding phenotype is indicated by symbols: open circles indicate sequences from R5 viruses, solid circles indicate sequences from R5X4 viruses and solid squares indicate sequences from X4 viruses. Percentage bootstrap values are indicated on branches have been calculated for 1000 replicates. The genetic relatedness of two different sequences is represented by the horizontal distance that separates them, with the length of the bar at the bottom denoting a sequence divergence of 0.10.

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