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Figure 4

From: The receptors for gibbon ape leukemia virus and amphotropic murine leukemia virus are not downregulated in productively infected cells

Figure 4

SLC20A2-HA expression, A-MLV envelope and soluble A-MLV or GALV RBD bound to the surface of CHOK1 cells expressing SLC20A2-HA or MDBK cells expressing SLC20A1-HA cells chronically infected with A-MLV-GFP (one month after infection) or uninfected control cells was assayed by FACS and displayed in histograms. The cells were stained with primary antibodies specifically against A-MLV (83A25) and HA and V5 epitopes. The corresponding secondary antibodies used are species and isotope specific and conjugated with R-phyoerythrin. Solid purple lines represent control groups; blue lines represent uninfected cells; red lines represent cells infected with A-MLV-GFP. V5 epitope tagged A-MLV RBD bound to CHOK1 expressing SLC20A2-HA cells (A) or to MDBK expressing SLC20A2-HA cells (B) and V5 epitope tagged GALV RBD bound to MDBK cells expressing SLC20A2-HA (C), The expression level of HA-tagged SLC20A2 on the surface of CHOK1 expressing SLC20A2-HA cells (D), or the relative amounts of A-MLV envelope bound to CHOK1 expressing SLC20A2-HA cells (E) are shown on the x-axis. The experiment was performed three times, and images are from one representative experiment.

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