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Figure 3 | Retrovirology

Figure 3

From: The receptors for gibbon ape leukemia virus and amphotropic murine leukemia virus are not downregulated in productively infected cells

Figure 3

FACS analysis of SLC20A1-HA expression and GALV (C11D8) envelope associated with the surface of MDTFSLC20A1-HA cells chronically infected (one month-post exposure) with GALV-GFP-C11D8 is shown in histograms. The level of SLC20A1-HA expression (A) and the relative amount of GALV envelope glycoprotein (C11D8) bound to the cells (B) on the surface of MDTFSLC20A1-HA cells uninfected or chronically infected with GALV-GFP-C11D8 viruses. We employed MDTF cells as negative controls for receptor detection and viral infection (data not shown). The experiment was performed three independent times, and images are from one representative experiment.

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