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Figure 4

From: Tat RNA silencing suppressor activity contributes to perturbation of lymphocyte miRNA by HIV-1

Figure 4

Venn diagram determined overlap between clinical and cultured HIV-1 infected cells. Venn diagram integrating miRNA expression trends from four datasets that are designated by labeled oval: CEMx174/HIV-1NL4-3 (this study); primary PBMC/HIV-1NL4-3; uninfected T cells activated with anti-CD3; and PBMC of HIV-1 infected patients [55]. MiRNA upregulated by ≥ 2 are designated in red; miRNA downregulated by a factor of ≥2 are designated in blue; miRNA designated by underscore exhibit discordant expression in CEMx174/HIV-1NL4-3. Asterisk: miRNA nomenclature designating the less abundant product of a precursor hairpin [69].

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