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Figure 2

From: Tat RNA silencing suppressor activity contributes to perturbation of lymphocyte miRNA by HIV-1

Figure 2

Host miRNA expression is changed by infection with HIV-1, Vif/Vpr -deficient or RSS-deficient viral strains. Scatterplot analysis of miRNA mature and precursor probes expression changes observed on microarrays hybridized with RNA of human CEMx174 lymphocytes unexposed to virus or infected with HIV-1, or ΔVV, or RSS. Each data point represents one unique probe sequence. The black line at x = y illustrates baseline of no change. The red lines illustrate change by a factor of 2. Axes are truncated at log2 = 5 to eliminate measurement uncertainty at lower signal intensities. Log2 expression values of human miRNA probes in the mock sample are shown on the x-axis and the corresponding values for the HIV-1 sample are shown on the y-axis. (a) HIV-1 versus mock infection; (b) RSS versus mock infection; (c) ΔVV versus mock infection.

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