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Figure 5

From: Tetherin does not significantly restrict dendritic cell-mediated HIV-1 transmission and its expression is upregulated by newly synthesized HIV-1 Nef

Figure 5

Tetherin knockdown in mature DCs modestly enhances HIV-1 transmission to CD4+ T cells. Due to the differential localization of tetherin in matured DCs (Figure 3), tetherin knockdown was verified in (A) mDC-LPS by flow cytometry and in (C) mDC-IFNα by immunoblotting. Each plot is representative of three independent experiments performed. NS, non-silencing scramble siRNA control; KD, knockdown using tetherin siRNA. Tetherin knockdown in (B) mDC-LPS and (D) mDC-IFNα significantly enhanced transmission of single-cycle luciferase HIV-1 to Hut/CCR5 cells. Each graph represents mean results ± SEM of two independent experiments performed on DCs from different donors.

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