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Figure 3

From: The cellular source for APOBEC3G's incorporation into HIV-1

Figure 3

The RA LMM hA3G acts as the precursor of the HMM complex. 293T cells expressing hA3G were radiolabeled and chased. Aliquots of the cells were collected, and then lysed hypotonically, as described in Methods. A. Total cell lysate and three fractions containing LMM, RA LMM and HMM form of hA3G were subjected to immunoprecipitation with anti-HA, respectively, followed by analysis of the distribution of radioactive hA3G using one-dimensional (1-D) PAGE. B. The relative amount of radio-labeled hA3G in each fraction was determined by autoradiography and presented graphically. The bar graphs represent the means of results of experiments performed at least three times, and the error bars represent standard deviations.

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