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Figure 6

From: ATF3, an HTLV-1 bZip factor binding protein, promotes proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia cells

Figure 6

HBZ inhibits the augmentation of p53 transcriptional activity by ATF3. (A, B) Jurkat cells were cotransfected with phRL-TK and reporter plasmid pG13-luc and expression vectors for p53, ATF3 and HBZ or their deletion mutants. After 24 hours, a dual luciferase reporter assay was preformed. All the data shown are relative values of firefly luciferase normalized to Renilla luciferase and shown as the mean of a triplicate set of experiments (mean ± SD). *P <0.05; **P <0.01. (C, D) 293FT cells were transfected with p53, FLAG-ATF3, and sHBZ-Myc-His expression vectors. (C) Total cell lysates were subjected to IP using anti-FLAG followed by IB using anti-His and anti-p53. (D) Total cell lysates were subjected to a first IP step using anti-FLAG antibody. Immunocomplexes were eluted from anti-FLAG antibody-conjugated beads with FLAG peptide and then subjected to a second IP step using anti-Myc followed by IB using anti-p53.

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