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Figure 2

From: ATF3, an HTLV-1 bZip factor binding protein, promotes proliferation of adult T-cell leukemia cells

Figure 2

Constitutive expression of ATF3 in ATL cells. (A) Schematic diagram of the primers (arrowhead) for detecting transcripts from P1 and P2 promoters of the ATF3 gene. Square boxes represent the exons and white boxes represent open reading frame (ORF). Two distinct ATF3 transcripts that encode the same ORF are reported[32]. (B) ATF3 mRNA from P1 and P2 transcripts in HTLV-1 infected cell lines and ATL cell lines was determined by RT-PCR. Expression of ATF3 protein was studied by immunoblot (IB). Lane 1, Molt4; lane 2, CEM: lane 3. Kit225; lane 4, Jurkat; lane 5, ATL2; lane 6, ATL-43T; lane 7, ED; lane 8, TL-Om1; lane 9, MT-1; lane 10, MT-2; lane11, MT-4. (C) Immunostaining for ATF3 in lymph nodes of an ATL patient.

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