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Figure 5 | Retrovirology

Figure 5

From: Intermolecular masking of the HIV-1 Rev NLS by the cellular protein HIC: Novel insights into the regulation of Rev nuclear import

Figure 5

Molecular Mechanisms of HIV-1 Rev nuclear import inhibition by HIC and M9M. (A) Rev nuclear import mediated by importin β. (B) HIC interferes with the interaction of Rev NLS with importin β and as a results impedes Rev nuclear import. (C) M9 M does not interfere with importin β-mediated Rev nuclear import. (D) Rev nuclear import mediated by transportin. (E) Rev binds simultaneously to both HIC and transportin, which mediate its nuclear import. (F) M9 M tightly interacts with transportin and inhibits transportin mediated Rev nuclear import.

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