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Figure 4 | Retrovirology

Figure 4

From: Intermolecular masking of the HIV-1 Rev NLS by the cellular protein HIC: Novel insights into the regulation of Rev nuclear import

Figure 4

HIC interferes with HIV-1 Rev molecular recognition by importin β in vitro. Immobilised GST-YFP-Rev/-Rev NLS were incubated with 6xHis-importin β or 6xHis-transportin and 0.5-4 μg of 6xHis-HIC. Following GST pull-down assays, Commassie staining shows that HIC specifically competes with the binding of Rev (A) or Rev NLS (B) to importin β. HIC does not interfere with the binding of Rev (C) or Rev NLS (D) to transportin.

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