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Figure 4

From: A structural constraint for functional interaction between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in simian immunodeficiency virus capsid proteins

Figure 4

Structural models of SIVmac239 CA hexamer. The hexameric SIVmac239 CA models were constructed by homology-modeling using a crystal structure of the hexameric HIV-1 CA at a resolution of 1.90 Å (PDB code: 3H47[33]) as a modeling template. "MOE-Align" and "MOE-Homology" in MOE version 2008.1002 were used for the modeling. The side chains of the 205th, 312th, and 340th aa in Gag are shown as orange sticks. (A) Overall structure of SIVmac239 CA hexamer. (B) The hexameric structures near positions 205, 312, and 340 of wild-type and mutant SIVmac239 CAs.

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